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The Decorum hosts trunk shows regularly, bringing the best artisans from all around the world to Bangkok, Thailand. Our trunk show partners include Sartoria Raffaniello (Neapolitan Tailoring from Japan) , John Lobb Shoemaker (Made-to-order and bespoke events) , Shibumi Firenze, Casa Del Sarto (Bespoke tailoring from Korea), Drake’s (Ties and ready-to-wear trunk shows) and more. The Decorum continues to find and help support new artisans who offer excellent products.

Liverano & Liverano

Liverano & Liverano is among the last remaining Florentine tailoring houses. Known as the icon of Florence, Liverano & Liverano has come to represent the tradition of tailoring par excellence since the 1960s. The sartoria, with its presence and reputation extending far beyond Italy, works with some of the best international menswear clothiers.

Six days a week, the atelier’s founder, 84-year-old Maestro Antonio Liverano, can be found at his cutting table in the heart of the sartoria, meticulously cutting patterns, fitting and guiding his patrons, and overseeing his team’s work. Maestro Antonio’s unmistakable style has been perfected through the ages. The techniques and every profound element of craftsmanship that makes each Liverano garment so unmistakable continue to be passed on to the next generation of talent through the multi-national Liverano Fellows tailoring team, as well as training and educational programmes conducted by Liverano School.
A Liverano & Liverano garment is the embodiment of high-tailoring, crafted to the utmost perfection like a piece of fine art. Every careful stitch echos the heart and soul of true Florentine style. The rich traditions and craftsmanship behind each tailoring commission is the reason why a Liverano & Liverano jacket or suit has become a prized possession of illustrious personalities from all walks of life.

The dartless jacket features soft canvassed construction and signature extended shoulders to maximize comfort and body movement. Each jacket’s sweeping opening creates a visual manipulation that accentuates any frame and body composition. All presented in an ultra lightweight construction that is perfect for life in our tropical climate.

The Florentine style of tailoring is considered an art of rarity in the tailoring world, and Liverano & Liverano has perfected this art form with plans in place to carry on the tradition for the years and decades to come.

Be among the very few gentlemen in Singapore to experience the heart and soul of a Liverano & Liverano bespoke commission under the guidance of the sartoria’s creative director Takahiro Osaki and two visiting Liverano Fellows – Seung Jin An and Leonardo Simoncini.

Bespoke sessions by appointment. Kindly contact Charles at sg@thedecorumbkk.com or call/whatsapp +65 8022 6938 for additional information.


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