Vintage-inspired Denim from Japan
RESOLUTE was founded by a Japanese legendary denim designer, Yoshiyuki Hayashi, in pursuit of “ideal standard that can be worn for decades.”
With homage to vintage Levi’s, they produce a refined yet good old jeans by a traditional and inefficient production method wholly in Japan, which is endorsed by denim enthusiasts as well as those who appreciate classics.


RESOLUTE uses a traditional dyeing method and “outdated” loom to weave thread into fluffy denim cloth.
This fluff on the cloth, which was commonly seen on the 1960’s USA denim, brings the perfect fading contrast to the jeans as worn.
Resolute 710

Model 710

Despite its tribute to vintage Levi’s, the pattern-making of RESOLUTE is meticulously modified to the style and physique of these days.
The model 710’s silhouette is straight, but slightly slimmer than the original US jeans, which allows the wearer to match it with various styles, from traditional American casual to the recently booming mixed style with blazer.