Igarashi Trousers

MTM / Bespoke Suit
Toru Igarashi started his trousers making career with one of Japan’s top menswear store; STRASBURGO.
Having learnt the craft of bespoke trousers making for the past 10 years, Igarashi-san measures, pattern makes, cuts and carefully hand-stitches every pair of trousers. Truly staying true to the art of bespoke for his clients.
Igarashi-san not only knows the fine craft of bespoke trousers making, but have a deep knowledge of the body anatomy, muscle movement due to his qualification as a sports trainer thus understanding the movement of the body first before putting his skill sets as a bespoke trousers maker to work.
Igarashi Trousers ‘s style is slightly tapered with pleats for comfort. Why do we fall in love with him? It’s because of his meticulousness as well as the quality of the garment. Observe every stitch and how it has been made. Sometimes subtle details tell deeper and more profound story.
Igarashi now travels to many menswear shops from Hong Kong to Shanghai. Igarashi visits Bangkok regularly for MTM and bespoke orders.


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