Goodyear Welted Shoes
Fugashin is a Japanese-Vietnamese Shoemaker, Sister Brand of the famous Kanpekina or Perfecto Shoes. The Decorum is truly proud of discovering this maker. The quality of making is comparable to its European counterparts. 
You can also find Fugashin at World Foot Wear Gallery in Japan, at both Ginza Six and Harajuku Branches.

Fine Leathers

Despite the affordability, the leathers used for Fugashin are of decent quality.
They are sourced from several of the most known tanneries in the world from Annonay, and Dupuy (France), Ilcea (Italy, and Welheimer (Germany).


All Fugashin shoes are good year welted, made by the best and most traditional way of English shoemaking.
This making takes much time and cost, but the good year welted shoes last longer than any other kinds of ones, with appropriate care, since the making allows the replace of the sole that can be worn out for a shorter period of time than the upper leather. 
The Decorum is not alone on this, Shoesnob blog also praised the quality of Fugashin and its excellent value.
This is what was most impressive and surprising to be honest. This was a full fledged handgrade shoe with details that are often seen in Europeans shoes above £700. I am not going to compare them to say G&G or Edward Green but like I said, paying around the £400 mark, you are getting more than any other maker of that price poing is giving you, by far (in terms of handgrade details).
–  Shoesnob