RTW Trousers made in Japan
Echizenya is a Japanese trousers maker that is rapidly spreading its fame around the world. The beautiful tapered silhouette and Japanese precision are achieved for decent prices.

Impeccable Pattern

Echizenya is run by EMINENTO, which was founded in 1949.
They has been developing patterns for Asian physique, characterised by flatter hip and thicker calf, eventually being endorsed by discerning customers outside of Japan.  
The silhouette 
Echizenya Impeccable Pattern

Japan Quality

A number (of our artisans) have attained meister status, accorded only to people with extensive experience and outstanding expertise. They are both deft and meticulous, paying every attention to detail. They are the reason Echizenya slacks look so good and wear so well. In its quest for ever-better quality, Eminento has developed its own proprietary sewing machines and press equipment. In-process slacks are ironed and inspected at more than a dozen steps along the way to ensure every pair fits perfectly and stays fitting perfectly wear after wear.
Echizenya trousers - Made in Japan