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 Goodyear-welted shoes made in Northampton, England.
Crockett & Jones is considered as one of the top shoemakers in the UK with over 140 years of history. Specialised in manufacturing Goodyear-welted shoes, they have been worn by discerning customers around the globe. Now available at The Decorum, Bangkok. The Decorum is the first and exclusive stockist in Thailand.
Crockett & Jones Last

Last Collection

Crockett & Jones is well-known for its world-largest possession of lasts(shoe patterns), thanks to its long history translating Bespoke shoes into off-the-rack ones. It allows the brand to have an advantage in meeting the requests from their partners.


It takes approximately 8 weeks to produce a pair of Crocket & Jones shoes, as it complies with the genuine English Goodyear-welted shoemaking processes. Goodyear welted shoes needs some time to break in, but as they get softer, they give you an ultimate comfort and protection.

Crockett & Jones: REPAIR

One of the most critical characteristics of good year welted shoes is that they can last for decades with appropriate care and repairs.This video let you know about the repair processes of Crockett &Jones.The Decorum is the first and only retailer of Crockett & Jones in South East Asia. Please check out our posts for the latest information.

Posted by The Shoe Room on Wednesday, April 10, 2019


One of the most critical characteristics of Goodyear-welted shoes is that they can last for decades, with appropriate care and repair.