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Goodyear welted US-made shoes
Alden was founded in Middleborough, Massachusetts and has been recognized as America’s leading footwear manufacturer since its inception in 1984.
Favored by ivy leaguers and American trad aficionados, Alden has established itself as one of the world’s top leather shoemakers. Iconic models such as tassel and penny full strap loafers have been worn by many generations of occidental gentlemen. They has been widely associated with cordovan, specific type of leathers from horse hides as the company holds the largest inventory of  “Horween Shell Cordovan” in the world. Horween Leather Company is second to none when it comes to producing the best cordovan.
Following the traditional way of Goodyear-welt construction and orthopedically correct last-making, the brand has now been regarded as the best shoemaker from the United States by the enthusiasts throughout the world.
The Decorum is the exclusive retailer of Alden Shoes in Bangkok, Thailand.