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Sartoria Raffaniello
Noriyuki started his career as a maker at the renowned Ring Jacket in Osaka. He has always sought to improve his skills reading through many tailoring books while at Ring Jacket. Nevertheless, he soon realized that honing his craft and skills in Japan was not sufficient. He embarked on his journey to Italy, apprenticing under Antonio Pascariello, legendary tailor in Naples. Antonio has trained a host of top Japanese tailors besides Noriyuki, including Ueki san of Ciccio, and also Jun of Sartoria Napoletana. At Pascariello, he was given a name “Raffaniello”.

Albeit brief period at Pascariello, Noriyuki had to return to Japan due to family matter.

He worked at Strasburgo’s House Tailor Lab in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, which is a home to Japan’s best garment makerssuch as Yamagami Shirt. In 2017, Noriyuki moved on to set up his own atelier at Semba Building, which is particularly known as a home to classic menswear shops including Batak Tailor, and The Way Things Go Shoeshine Bar in Osaka.

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